Saturday, December 12, 2020

wet, chill rain

 There's been a chill rain all day in Cheshire.

It was supposed to get to 50 degrees at some point, but never did.

Sort of like how things are in these last weeks of the current administration.

Still lots of whining about how the current president didn't lose--THOUGH HE DID!!!

Lots of chill since over a hundred Republican members of Congress signed on to the doomed, oh so doomed, appeal to the Supreme Court.

Lots of shivering about what 'he' can do to undermine how the nation runs before Jan. 20.

How many pardons and to whom?

How many more firings of people in positions of importance--like his Attorney General who finally found the courage to declare him wrong?

How many times can he tweet lies and nonsense and outright dangerous accusations in 39 days that will mislead many Americans?

How much damage can he do before Biden and Harris try to turn things around.

Only time will tell.

It's very rainy and chill until then.

(All opinions here are mine and mine alone.)

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