Monday, March 2, 2015

another dog? Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh no!

We may be getting another dog. Bern found a rescue group in Southington and they have a poodle mix named Julia Roberts, of all things.

She would be near Bela in size and is a year old. She looks as  much like Bela--black and hairy--as any dog not a Puli could.

Bern said, when I asked her if Bela would accept her, "she looks like him, so he would."

I waited three beats until she realized: "oh, Bela doesn't know what he looks like, huh?"


I'm on a web site searching for Poodle mixes within a hundred miles. Over the last couple of years, they've sent me dozens of possibilities. The problem is, they require a home visit and once they met--if not gotten bitten--by Bela, they'd never let us have a dog....

This place may not have that requirement and the truth is, Bela likes all the dogs that have come to visit us: Josh and Cathy's dogs and John Anderson's dogs and even a dog a friend brought by one day who was much bigger than him. And he loves Sophie who lives down the street and we see from time to time on his morning walk. They sniff and jump and pee for each other every time.

So, it might work. I'm more hesitant than Bern about it all because people have told me adding a second dog is three times as much work.

But with a name like Julia Roberts, who could resist?

I'll let you know what happens.

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