Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Eric, not Julia, maybe....

Bern and I talked on the phone today with the woman in Tennessee who is fostering Julia Roberts, the dog Bern thought would, maybe, be our second dog. She was remarkably frank and told us Julia probably should be an 'only dog' since she is jealous of Mary, her dog, and lunges at Mary from time to time. Bela, our Puli, is a very protective creature and would react badly to lunging.

But Catherine, this woman in Tennessee, who is fostering 12 dogs at this time, 11 of which live in an enclosed kennel her husband built for her obsession of saving dogs from 'kill kennels' down there, told us about a dog she fostered for a while, a Standard Puddle/Scottish Terrier mix named Eric Roberts (not related to Julia) who is already being fostered in CT.

I wasn't really on board about another dog until I heard her tell us about Eric. So Bern emailed the CT contact and told her we were interested and on Friday, weather permitting, we'll go to Southbury to meet him. We can't take him until week after next since we're going to Sandwich with Jack and Sherry and John for three days next week.

But I'm finally excited.

It will mean we have to go get a King sized mattress for the frame we already have so two dogs can sleep with us. Exciting times.....

(There are crashes from time to time--huge ice cycles falling on our porch roofs. I like those sounds...Spring is creeping nearer....)

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