Sunday, March 1, 2015


I was giving my friend, Charles, a hard time about Sudoku, if that's how you spell it, last week.

Then, I realized I've played 8047 games of Hearts on my computer. 8047. And I've won 4132 of them--50%!

I even keep track of my games on paper. I play until someone--me or West or North or South--wins 7 games and that's a set. And I play 7 sets at a time. I haven't lost a set in weeks, months--which is why I keep doing it...I like to win.

Maybe I should give up Hearts for Lent. It would be a real challenge. But, what the hell, we're already two weeks into Lent and I don't want to give it up.

Maybe I should stop when I get to 10,000 games. That would seem a good time to give it up.

But, I most likely won't.

I enjoy it and why should one stop doing what they enjoy and gives them pleasure?

Charles, buy some more Sudoku books--you deserve it....

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