Thursday, March 26, 2015

OK, give me a few minutes to dream...

John Calapari is the coach of Kentucky's men's basketball team.

Only one coach has a winning record against Calapari.

That coach is Bob Huggins. He's 8-2 against Calapari.

Bob Huggins coaches West Virginia University's men's basketball team.

They play--Kentucky and West Virginia--in about half an hour.

Kentucky is 36-0 this year. West Virginia is 25-9.

No way West Virginia can beat Kentucky--which has probably 8 players who will play in the NBA. West Virginia has, maybe, two.

But let me dream for a few minutes.

WVU beats Kentucky and goes to the Elite Eight!

Imagine that!

Even I can't quite imagine it, but let me dream for a few minutes.


Gooooooo Mountaineers...............!!!!

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