Saturday, March 7, 2015


Like most people with dogs, we've dug out a run in the back yard, clearing it out snow after snow.

It is two circles--the first from the steps around to a tree and back. And at some point in this frigid, snowy winter, Bern broke through the snow at the top of the circle and dug out a smaller circle further out in the yard and down-hill slightly from the original circle.

The snow is considerably higher than the Puli's head and there are few places, because each snow narrows the path, that he can turn around. So, he goes in circles. But it is a God-send, this run, since it saves us from negotiating the walking conditions several times a day. He still gets a morning walk and Bern often takes him to the Canal though it is treacherous since the Town can't keep it cleared down to the pavement.

Last night, out on the deck while Bela was in his run, I thought Bern had expanded it again down to a spot under many evergreens where the snow is not as heavy. I admired her for that work since the snow is ice at this point in the winter.

Then, today, I saw clearly that the run was only the first two circles. I thought I'd been seeing things and wondered if I needed to go to 'the home' already.

Then tonight I went out again, as Bela went to pee, and realized what I thought was cleared areas were only shadows of the tree the first circle goes around.

You can't trust 'what you see' all the time. Shadows change things sometimes.

Shadows fall across our lives in many ways--both externally and internally. Shadows of the heart and mind and soul.

Everyone has to be aware of the shadows in their lives.

Facing the shadows and being aware of them will open up a lot....Really.

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