Sunday, March 29, 2015

Falling down

So, I went through this whole ice and snow winter without falling down (thought this winter taught me I'm not 35 anymore...I walked slowly, carefully all winter).

And today, going out to get in my car, I slipped on black ice and fell in our driveway, loosing all my coffee from my Starbucks cup.

I fell on my knees and hands and laid there for a minute or so. I wondered if I had my cellphone to call Bern inside our house to come out and help me.

Mercifully, I didn't have my phone with me or it would have been another note on how I needed to go to "the Home".

After a minute or so, I got up and drove to Northford and Church.

Nothing hurts anymore--but for a minute or so there I thought, "I'm an old man who just fell down on black ice in his driveway on Palm Sunday."

Humbling that was.

And something to ponder--getting older....

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