Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Going away

Bern and I are going to Sandwich, MA tomorrow with three of our best friends. We've rented a house on the beach--though this is hardly beach weather!!!

But we'll eat and drink and laugh and read and talk and eat some more and sleep late (I already sleep late every day but Tuesday and Sunday) and eat some more.

Sherry and Jack have been our friends since we've been in CT. Since 1980--35 years....But John for even longer. We knew him back in the early 70's in West Virginia. He was a doctoral student in psychology while Bern was finishing college and I was working for a living.

I often think I don't 'keep in touch' as I should, yet here are 3 people I've been friends with for over a century, all told.

John and Sherry go on vacation to Oak Island with Bern and me and Tim and Mimi each September.
Jack is the head of a day-care center and can't go. But he'll retire this year or next and go too.

And, just to make the whole thing sweeter, Mimi will be with us when we come home on Saturday. Her call got recalled months ago and is now recalled again because Subaru isn't sure the technitions fixed it right the first time....Go figure.

So, the rest of my week is golden, surrounded by people I love.

Hope your week is half as good.....

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