Friday, March 15, 2019

deep breath, calm down.....can't!

So a day after a white nationalist gunman in New Zealand killed 49 Muslims at worship (with more in the hospital) at two separate mosques nine miles apart, our President, talking about his veto of the bill overturning the 'national emergency' at the southern boarder, used the same term the shooter used to describe immigrants in his posted manifesto---"invasion".

Did no one in the White House tell He Who Will Not Be Named not to use that term on this day?

Maybe they didn't.

Maybe they did and he forgot.

Maybe he wasn't thinking straight, being so upset about having to veto something and about the horrible terrorism in New Zealand.

Or maybe he did it on purpose, knowing white nationalists love him, just to wet their whistle for what comes next--more violence and right-wing terrorism.

"Deep breath, Jim," I tell myself. "Be calm, breathe...."

But I can't.

It seems obvious to me that HWWNBN is stoking the fire of white nationalist, not only here, but around the world.

While people in the middle east and South America and Africa are fleeing for their safety and their lives, 'white nations' are afraid and resisting opening their arms to those in danger.

We all came from somewhere else--unless you are Native American (and truth be know, they came from somewhere else just a long time before most of us).

And except for African Americans, we came to 'get away' from something bad. African Americans were brought here 'to something evil'.

This 'white' stuff has to be broken down, thrown away, punished.

Or else this won't be the country we want to live in.

Deep breath.....

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