Thursday, March 21, 2019

March Madness has begun

Bern gets as excited about the NCAA basketball tournament as she does the four major tennis tourneys. Which is EXCITED!!!

Today's the first full day and she has been watching since noon and will watch until she goes to bed. She filled out three online brackets, for goodness sake.

She pays little attention to the regular season so her brackets are based on gut instinct and guessing. And probably, knowing her, a leaning toward the underdogs.

But what will Saturday when our granddaughter Eleanor comes for an overnight while Tim and Mimi have a trip to the Adirondacks?

Oh, fear not beloved, Eleanor will not be a victim of 'basketball neglect', not by a long shot.

It's two days yet and already I noticed Bern has begun to put out crayons and paper and toys and books in our little fireplace area beyond the kitchen. And I've heard her tell Bridget more than once that "that baby who loves you is coming."

What Bridget makes of that news, I can't tell you.

I gave Bern a little framed saying for Christmas. It reads "I didn't know how much love my heart could hold until someone called me Grandma".

Nothing detracts her from Emma/Morgan/Tegan/Eleanor.


Not even March Madness or the U.S. Open.

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