Wednesday, March 13, 2019

money, money, money

The indictment of several dozen rich parents, several minor sports coaches at prestigious universities and the man who made it possible for the kids of the rich parents to get into the schools they wanted by bribing admission departments and coaches has been front page news.

And the fact that the money was paid to Mr. Singer's fake charity and deducted by the parents on their income taxes as charitable donations just makes it stink all the more of money.

I've admitted before (or boasted, more likely!) that I'm a Democratic Socialist. As if I needed any more evidence of how skewed (and 'screwed') our economic system is, this seals the deal.

I have good friends who are liberals (but not as liberal as me!) who  tell me that someone too far to the left will lose to Trump in 2020. They are cautious.

Frankly, I'd be most comfortable with either Biden or Sanders at the head of the ticket and a younger one of the many other candidates as Vice President with Sanders or Biden promising to serve only one term.

But I do think the arguments for health care for all, free college, guaranteed income, more money for climate change matters and less for defense (though making sure veterans are taken care of) should be part of the Democrat's message.

Let He Who Will Not Be Named rail against "socialism" if he wants to.

Things have to be more economically 'fair' for this to remain "the land of the free and the home of the brave".

Pretending your child is an athlete or paying someone to take their SAT's is a sin. Middle Class and poor people cant do that.

When will we realize that until all are equal, none are equal?

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