Tuesday, March 5, 2019

wierd stuff

Today I heard my cellphone ring downstairs--I never have it with me.

By the time I got there, it had stopped ringing. So, since the number that called was on my phone, I called back.

The call stopped ringing but whoever answered it didn't say anything. So, I said, "Hello?"

After a moment a woman said, "Your calls are upsetting me, please don't call me again."

It was the only time I'd called and only because her number had called me.

I was in the package store I like later--run by India Indians who are really from England--and told the clerk, who is young and married to another clerk and pregnant, about the call.

She told me it was a thing that was happening. Another package store's number, owned by a member of the extended family, had called them several times at her store but when she called back she was told they never called and also told they'd gotten several calls from her store that were never made.

Apparently there is some way (unknown to me) to call someone using someone else's number. The digital age is far beyond me, that I know and know fair well.

At first I was glad it wasn't just me it had happened to. Then, on reflection, I thought the fact that it happened to others was worse than to just me.

Maybe it's the Russians playing with our heads.

Or Jared Kushner....

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