Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Meeting week

I have two meetings this week. One was tonight--the Cluster Council meeting. And tomorrow night is the Cluster Lenten program.

Just between you and me (and whoever else is reading this) I hate meetings.

Tonight, saying not much unless I was asked a question, I figured out why.

Meetings I'm not leading bring out my introverted side. On Meyers/Briggs tests I am about 50/50 as an introvert and an extrovert. Church services, meetings I'm leading and talking to one or two people bring out the extrovert in me. Meetings I'm not leading make me draw back and feel uncomfortable speaking.

I give a 'report' at each Cluster Council meeting and I usually hem and haw a while and say I'm finished. And I'm not leading the Lenten study--another of our three priests is--and I'll be hesitant, I already know, to say much.

Leading meetings makes me an extrovert. Just being 'one of the crowd' makes me an introvert.

I actually like both my extroverted self and my introverted self. But I don't like being an introvert in the presence of other people.

That's for 'alone time'--like reading books and looking at the Internet and walking the dog and, well, writing this blog.

Introvert time is for being alone or with Bern but not talking.

Meetings are difficult when I'm in introvert mode.

Just like that.

I'm glad I finally figured out why.

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