Friday, March 1, 2019

A racist, a liar, a cheat....

Here's the funny thing--both Stephen Colbert and Bill Maher are off this week.

They must be kicking themselves for not being on television the week of Michael Cohen and the Vietnam summit failure.

Most every week of the current president's term have been full of drama and bulls***. But this week, more than ever.

Even if we have reached the point of 'not being shocked' (fired attorney general--how many ago?--Sally Yates said that in a tweet), this week was shocking.

The question becomes, how do Republicans in the Congress continue to support this man and foreign and domestic things fall apart?

Oh, yes, The Economy! Which was doing fine when he was elected and has continued to do fine.

And, more likely, the Republican base isn't the 'Republican base' any more--it's the president's base. To stand up to his anti-democratic, anti-constitutional actions would risk losing your seat.

We don't have a two party system anymore--we have Democrats and Trumpites and those who don't fit in either camp.

Lordy, Lordy, I wish I could hear Stephen and Bill about all this! It's a great time to be a comedian....

But not such a great time to be an American.

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