Tuesday, March 26, 2019

total terror

So, I went to my mostly clergy group this morning and then to Waterbury Hospital to get my Zolair shots. (Which, by the way, have changed my life. Two shots every two weeks block allergens and make me healthy in all seasons.)

I got out my wallet to give the valet parker guys a tip, which I always do and many people don't. Shame on them.

Then, hours later, I was going to the grocery store to get stuff for dinner and couldn't find my wallet.

It wasn't in the coat I was wearing and wasn't in the place I put it and wasn't in my car.

I experienced total terror!

Do you realize how much of our lives we carry in our wallets?

My Medicare and Insurance cards, two credit cards and a bank card, my library card, my driver's license and lots of other stuff.

I was panicked and about to call the hospital to see if anyone found it and turned it in--minus credit cards and cash, of course, when I looked in the bag I take for my shots with my eppi-pen and the book I'm reading and found my wallet.

It's a sign of age that I put it there instead of in my coat pocket and didn't remember doing that.

But my total terror was gone and I was so relieved and so happy.

Getting older is no fun but a lot better than the alternative....

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