Saturday, March 30, 2019

Springtime in New England

It's spring in New England and the sound of chain saws is in the land.

If you don't live up here, you might not know that winter brings down lots of tree limbs and trees.

And Spring is when they're cleared away. Two of our neighbors had tree removal folks for most of yesterday and today someone behind us has had chain saws going for hours.

Spring and Fall are my seasons, but with the chainsaws this season and the leaf blowers in Autumn they are two loud times.

If you don't live in Connecticut, you probably don't know it is referred to as 'the land of pleasant living'. But not with leaf blowers and chain saws it isn't.

And sirens. Cheshire is a town of 30,000 but there are always sirens going off and passing by.

I finally realized a few days ago that since we live half a block from Route 10--the only clear north/south road in the village--police and ambulances have to go that way. If we lived at the bottom of Cornwall Ave. we'd probably seldom hear a siren.

As you age do you get more sensitive to sound?

I have, I know.

It must have been the same when we moved here 30 years ago--but it didn't bother me then.

Live and learn and grow old.

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