Friday, March 1, 2019


My cousin Jan sent me some pictures today. She is a maternal first cousin--one of the Jones family. But one of the pictures was of my mother, my grandmother and my grandmother's sister in law.

Lina Manona Sadler's brother was Granger Sadler and his daughter, Callie, married my father's brother, Sidney.

So my father and his brother married first cousins--Cleo and Callie.

Callie and Sid had two children--Gregory and Sarita. Sarita is dead but Greg is 87 years old and lives in Ashland, Virginia.

Greg and Sarita and I were first cousins through my father and mother and Sid.

And we were second cousins through Aunt Callie and my mother, who were first cousins.

Greg and Sarita--much older than me--always called us 'double first cousins'--which sounded really inbred. But we were really both first and second cousins. I don't know what you would call that.

Since I don't have siblings, this cousin thing is important to me.l

I should call Greg. I think I will.

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