Sunday, March 24, 2019

She's gone....

Mimi and Tim came and took Eleanor back to Brooklyn today.

She was a joy. Never cried once--laughed almost always--is very sure 'what she wants to do'--loves and runs with Bridget (though Bridget is much faster)--helped Bern rake the leaves in the back yard--talked non-stop--ate everything we gave her.

What a joy.

What exhaustion!

Bern has been watching TV all evening, half-asleep. She didn't sleep well since she slept in a strange bed with Eleanor.

I'm tired too, but I did about 15% of what Bern did with Eleanor.

She'll stay with me for 10 minutes and then says, "let's go find Grandma".

But like all four of our granddaughters, she is pure wonder.

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