Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Random Thoughts

Sitting on our back deck just now, I realized the house behind our back yard isn't visible through all the foliage between us. I can see lights at night, but in the daylight they don't exist--and we don't exist to them.

A little like this strange time we're living in. Others aren't quite there.

The tip of my little finger on my left hand, the one that types a q and z bends away from my other fingers. Arthritis, I suppose.

I wear copper tone braces on my knees--operation on the right one, arthritis on the left one (again). Bern commented the other day that I still had on jeans in spite of the heat. I realized I was embarrassed about my knee coverings (which help enormously). I've worn shorts every day since she said that.

To hell with embarrassment.

I am almost immune to being surprised at the president's lies. But the one about 'testing' being the problem and wanting to test less did me in. All his spokespersons said he was 'kidding' or 'tongue in cheek' but then this morning, leaving for Arizona, he told reporters, "I don't kid".

Yet 4 medical doctors involved in fighting the virus said, to a House Committee, they hadn't been told to 'slow testing' and that more and more testing is the key to controlling the virus.

Alas and alack.

Going to see Mimi, Tim and Eleanor has me a bit anxious. If I admit it, this whole pandemic has me a little anxious. I believe I should admit it and deal with it.

I pray hard that the demonstrations will matter and real change will occur.

But that will only happen if the Democrats win the Senate and the White House. Please Vote in November.

We have curtains over the door to my office and the door to the TV room to keep the cool air from AC in. Brigit will go through them some, but not other times.

She is such a damaged and timid dog. We love her so, so much. Little by little she comes back, but not all at once.

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