Sunday, June 14, 2020

Patient Zero

My dear friend, Rabbi Terry Bookman is in the hospital in NYC with Covid 19.

We've worked together for well over 20 years in the Mastery Foundation. As our leader, Anne is starting to retire, Terry has taken over managing the Making a Difference workshop which I help lead.

He is a dear and tender man, with great character and a commitment to ministry.

He usually lives out west but comes to NYC from time to time because he has family there.

I don't know how serious he is yet, but he's a fighter.

We sound like the beginning of a joke: 'A rabbi and a priest walk into a bar....'

Which we've done from time to time.

I pray the God we both worship in our own ways will heal him and make him whole.

He is the first person I know well who has contacted the virus. My patient zero.

(The thoughts in this blog are mine and mine alone and not meant to reflect thoughts of the people I serve in MACM.)


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