Sunday, June 28, 2020

Thunder and rain

(The thoughts and opinions in this blog are mine and mine only.)

The thunder rolled across the sky all day. An occasional flash of distant lightening.

It rained over and inch, which, added to yesterday's rain, began to wet the dry earth after a warm and mostly rain-less June.

Church on zoom was good today. It lasted longer because people stayed on line to talk for quite a while.

Very odd and somewhat troubling times.

I also did some blogs for youtube today. The link is at the top for those from last week.

I tried to talk about unity in my sermon, unity in spite of our polarizing politics.

Some of the people in the churches really disagree with me political. Yet we are able to be unified in our faith. That gives me great joy.

With the pandemic and the protests--either of which would be hard to bear--it is hard not to be ripped apart over politics.

But we need to count our breaths and calm our hearts.

We are loved by God and we must love each other.

We must be One in the Spirit if not at the ballot box.

Calm and shared peace is what we need in these oh so difficult times.

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