Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Giving back

I plan tomorrow to write $300 checks to each of the three churches I serve. I got my pay check today and I'm not doing what they pay me for.

All I do in this pandemic time is a 40 minute or so zoom church and a dozen or so phone calls.

That's not what they pay me for.

I'll feel better about taking the other half of my pay if I give back.

We are people who the virus hasn't affected financially. The church pension fund and social security haven't stopped. We're fine.

In fact, I haven't filled up my gas tank for almost 3 weeks and it's half full. Doing what I'm paid to do by the Cluster I fill it up every week and spend time on the road and see people and buy lunch sometimes. So, I spend money. And I'm not putting my $20 or so in the offering in cash every week.

So, I owe them.

If you're doing ok financially in this time of crisis, figure out who you 'owe'--and pay up.

Pass it on. Pay it forward. Give it to charity or your church or your political party (IF YOU'RE A DEMOCRAT, OF COURSE!!!)

Those of us not affected need to pass it on to those who are.

This is the time to form a habit like that for the future.

That future would be better than what we have today.

Wash you hands. Wear a mask. Socially distance. Pass it on.

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