Monday, June 29, 2020

Crossing state lines


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I go to Waterbury Hospital every two weeks on Tuesday to get two shots of Zolaire, which is a drug that has changed my life. It is for my asthma and has kept me from having asthma for over 3 years now.

The day before my appointment, the hospital calls to make sure I have no Covid symptoms, which I don't.

However, today they asked if I'd been out of state. When I told them of our trip to North Branch, NY, I was told I should be quarantined for two weeks and changed my appointment until July 9!

I had no idea of that rule. We only saw Mimi, Tim and Eleanor. We encountered no other people. Even at the rest stop we wore masks and were never withing 10 feet of someone without a mask.

I should have lied--but I don't lie convincingly.

This pandemic is being taken seriously by health professionals.

But not by our President.

He still acts like it's not here.

Our Vice-President did say some good things about masks and social distancing, but shortly after attended a packed church with an un-masked choir of a hundred singing their lungs out. Everyone there were shoulder to shoulder and without masks.

Biden is doing the right thing--setting an example by wearing a mask and only taking it off to speak when he is yards from anyone else. And everyone attending his small gatherings is masked and keeping social distance.

That's what we need--someone to lead by example--not people who eschew the right things to do.

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