Friday, June 12, 2020

A beautiful day in many ways

There was little humidity and lots of sun and a brisk breeze. Just the kind of day to sit on the deck and be joyous.

Too bad everyone didn't see how perfect it was.

The current administration has rolled back Obama-era health protection for Transgendered people in the Affordable Care Act. Transgendered folks will have a harder time getting health care because the new regulations say people must apply for health care as 'their biological gender'.


Plus, Corona 19 cases are increasing in mostly southern states that have re-opened  by not obeying the guidelines outlined by the government.

Plus, there was a photo on Twitter  (since taken down) of Mike Pence at a campaign headquarters with nearly a hundred people standing side-by-side with no masks.

Plus, Tucker Carlson of Fox News said that 'Black Lives Matter' is lots of things, but not about 'black lives'.

On such a beautiful June day, lots of bad things happened.

Oh, and in addition, the president is holding a rally in Tulsa, a site of a great racial group of murders on Juneteenth--the day blacks celebrate as the end of slavery.

We live in a dangerous and confusing world.

Pray for change.

Pray for hope.

Pray for new possibilities.


(The opinions in this blog are solely mine and have nothing to do with the 3 churches I serve.)

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