Thursday, June 4, 2020

Birds, birds everywhere

I heard part of an NPR story about Black bird watchers today. They all said there were more birds and more different birds than they remember.

While we stay 'at home',  Nature flourishes.

Maybe the planet would be better off without us--or, at least, with much fewer of us.

The pandemic and our reactions to it has been good for birds, for all nature, really.

We have more birds in our back yard than ever before. Cardinals, Robins, Wrens, Crows, Sparrows, even a few Hawks, and birds I don't recognize.

It is a symphony of birdsong.

I love it.

I sit on our deck and listen and watch.

Birds, the last of the dinosaurs, are wondrous, beautiful, much welcomed in the so-strange time we are in.

Go outside, enjoy them.

Give thanks for them.

Sing with them.

Welcome them to make our lives more lovely, more calm, more wondrous.

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