Sunday, June 14, 2020

Three good things

Two of the churches I serve have decided to wait until after Labor Day to re-open, if then, giving the circumstances then.

The other church vestry has figured out a way to meet remotely tomorrow (Monday) and the Senior Warden says he things they'll do the same.

This proves the three things I've always know about these churches: they are cautious, caring and smart!

"Cautious"--no too quick decisions to regret later. And if caution was ever called for, it is now.

"Caring"--one of the reasons for the caution is because they genuinely care about their members. They don't want to expose vulnerable people whom the love to danger.

"Smart"--we see what rushing back to 'normal' is doing around the country. New spikes of the virus in states that wanted to move quickly. I've always know these folks are smart--this proves it.

So Zoom and FaceTime services for the rest of June, July, August and the first Sunday of September.

It's working well and numbers are still impressive.

And no one has to risk their health and lives.

I love these three churches.

And admire them greatly.

(This blog is my beliefs and should not be thought to be the opinions of all the people in the three churches.)

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