Tuesday, June 30, 2020

No end in sight


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The Covid-19 virus is wrecking havoc in the South and South-west and California.

Opening too fast was a drastic mistake. Beaches will be closed for July 4. Bars will be closed indefinitely. There is no end in sight to this pandemic in the U.S. Other countries have done much better because they have had strong central government control. But not us.

The President has waved a white flag of surrender to his 'war time presidency'. That's what Joe Biden said today.

Leaving openings to the states was a grave mistake and now we pay the price.

CT has done a great job! But many other states have not. We have more cases and more deaths than any other nation. No leadership from the  White House, none at all.

I'm wearing a tee shirt right now that shows a flying saucer over the White House. The flying saucer is reporting back to where it came from. "No signs of intelligent life", is the message.

I'm going to do a graveside funeral for a member of one of the churches' aunt on July 11. I won't be able to hug the family or even touch them. And we will all have on masks. The woman was 93--a good long stay on this earth--and never had to leave her home.

It will be an odd and strange service.

And there is no end in sight for this pandemic in the US.

God help us.

I mean that sincerely: God help us.

That may be all we have left to sustain us.

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