Sunday, June 7, 2020

They're Here! (This time good ones...)

I wrote a week or so ago about the 'Open CT' demonstrators.

For the last few days a small number of folks have been on Main Street with "Black Lives Matter" signs. Just a few--and all white.

Cheshire is the whitest place I've ever lived, but today a large crowd was out to protest the racism in our country.

It gladdens my heart.

They rallied on the Green and than walked, with police closing side streets for them, to the park across from the high school.

Again, almost all white.

That's the thing about this world wide demonstration--it is truly 'integrated'.

There have been demonstrations on every continent--the ones from Japan are very moving and very peaceful.

Almost all peaceful.

Please cable news, stop showing violence! Peaceful is truly soothing and interesting.

A 'Black Lives Matter' demonstration in oh-so-white Cheshire....

It gives me hope. It gives me hope.

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