Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Why do I find anything he does unbelievable?

Every time I think the president can't do anything that surprises me, he does.

He retweeted (I don't know what Twitter is or how a 're-tweet' works, and if I did, I wouldn't do it) a conspiracy theory from a right-wing group that the 75 year old man who police shoved down, Martin Gigino, was a member of 'antifia', not ever sure exactly what that is besides the invention of the right, and 'fell harder than he was pushed' to make a point. Martin, who is a well known peace activist in Buffalo, NY, is still in the hospital from the injuries the police caused.

The two policemen (and they were 'men') have been suspended without pay though numbers of the police and fire department in Buffalo have resigned in support of them!

We all saw it on tape.

Martin was shoved down, not tended to until the medical folks arrived, bleeding from the ear and still in hospital, though, thankfully, no longer 'critical' or in ICU.

A couple of Republicans condemned the tweet, but most didn't, trying to turn a blind eye to an outrageous and totally without proof accusation by their president.

It's probably too late to hope that Republican lawmakers will join the Generals and other military in condemning the president for his outrageous behavior.

They are 'fellow travelers' with him.

Only November will change that.

The demonstrators don't want to eliminate the police, they want to change who handles certain situations.

Mental health workers, no police, in incidents of mental problems; social workers for domestic violence and child abuse; drug specialists in drug abuse, and more money for housing and food for those in need who so often are confronted by police.

Police will not be eliminated, just reduced in their role and the enormous police budgets spent in different ways.

Many police would support that--they don't want to deal with issues that aren't crimes against society.

This is a moment in our history where we might become 'great'--responding to profound needs in a positive way.

God help us that we will.

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