Friday, September 25, 2020

OK, like it not, here it is....

The president (who will not be named here) is trying to undermine the election.

His constant criticism of mail-in-ballots (though he votes by mail) is meant to undermine voter confidence. The truth is this: there is no 'fraud' that has been found in voting by mail ever, anywhere.

His constant echoing of 'rigged', referring to the election is to set the stage for his not accepting a peaceful transfer of power should Biden win. Which he has said out loud and in public!

News out of the White House reveals he will ask legislators in Red States to 'rig' the electors should he lose those states.

All this is unprecedented in American history and strikes at the basis of our constitution and democracy.

Nothing like this has ever happened.

It is beyond disgrace. Beyond imagining.

His rush to fill RGB's seat on the Supreme court is to hopefully make the court agree with him that the election was faulty should he lose.

No person in this country, no citizen of this democracy should not be outraged by what he's doing.


We must end this nightmare.

Too much is at stake.

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