Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Just when I thought it was safe to go back to Kansas

So, today, I was encouraged to hear the bill to give legal standing to religious bigots to refuse service in their businesses to gay couples was pulled from the agenda of the legislature.

Praise God, Kansas has regaining sanity!

But then, also today, I found out the Kansas legislature was considering a bill to allow parents to spank their children as far as bruising and give parents the right to give teachers, friends, family the right to spank their children as far as bruising.

And, get this, just to give me credit for not being totally a Yellow Dog Democrat, the bill was introduced by a female Democrat member of the legislature. So much for my usual contention that women could run things better than men and Democrats aren't as crazy as Republicans.

She is quoted as saying that the responsibility for discipline much be returned to parents and that spanking that doesn't result in bruises isn't a legitimate prevention of future bad behavior.

Once my son peed on his 3 year younger sister. I punched a hole in the wall in that room at 612 Chapel Street in New Haven and I yelled at him and we punished him in other ways but we didn't spank him, much less spank him until he was bruised.

I'm not sure what a five year old could do that was worse than peeing on his sister. Smoke crack? Commit murder? Preform a terrorist attack?

And the part about giving others permission to spank my children until they are bruised makes me a crazy person who would beat those 'others' to a pulp and then pee on them.

Just when I thought Kansas might be a somewhat sane place, this comes up.

Don't click your heels together anytime soon, you may end up being spanked until your butt is bruised.


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