Thursday, February 13, 2014

The poop patch....

I'm not going to complain about the additional foot of snow we got last night and today, but it does make it difficult to walk a dog--Cornwall Avenue has two inches of snow on it and most people haven't been able to clear their sidewalks 'again' today.

This morning I took him through a few inches of snow down to the driveway to the Congregational Church parking lot. When I took him an hour later (when he usually goes with Bern to the Canal) there was no evidence of our footprints from an hour before.

With help from neighbors who share our driveway and the guy next door with his Cadillac-level snow blower, we were dug out by 4. But when I took him out at 5, all the sidewalks that were a few inches this morning were unwalkable.

But Bern went out in the back yard with a shovel and made a run for him. She called it a 'Poop Patch' and he used it for its purpose.

When we're out he keeps looking at me as if for an explanation for the snow.

One place we walk is a bank parking lot down toward Rt. 10. Banks get plowed regularly, by the way.
Every time we're there he goes into a frenzy of running in circles and jumping on me. It's almost like he's saying, "ok, this is crazy, all this snow, so I'm going to be crazy too!"

If you have a dog and live on the east coast, you might consider shoveling a poop patch of your own.

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