Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Moon was out early today

It was 4:30 p.m. or so,
I was walking the dog
and putting out the garbage
and recycling stuff,
and there, up in the sky
in the north-east
was the moon.

I don't know why the moon was out.
I should know such things,
being pretty smart--above average,
at least.
It's something I'm sure, about
the position of the earth
in regard to the sun
on a bitterly cold day
in February
in Connecticut,
that caused the moon to show up
so early when it was still

But then, as I was pondering
the scientific reason
for the moon's early arrival,
I was caught up in the fantasy
that, because the moon is so cold,
showing up in the afternoon
of a cold, cold day
might have something
to do with it.

Being partial,
as I am,
to the moon
(and its waxing and waning)
I imagined for a while,
walking the dog
and putting out the garbage,
that maybe the moon,
cold as it is,
likes to visit Connecticut
early on cold, cold,
cold days.

Just to check in with us
and see how we're doing
in the chill.

That pondering gave me joy
(freezing cold as I was!)
to imagine the moon,
like your favorite aunt,
was just checking in
to see how we were managing
with so much snow
and cold.

Thank you, moon....

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