Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Blooper Bowl

I really didn't care who won though I admire Payton Manning greatly and am always attacted to great defenses, which Seattle has. All I wanted was a great game, a memorable football experience.

The team I've always rooted for is the Chicago Bears, since a child, because I loved their home uniforms--black helmets, black jerseys with red and orange numbers and white pants with red and orange stripes. In the last year I have been a Jets fan as well since Geno Smith from West Virginia University was their quarterback as a rookie.

But with half the third quarter over and neither the Bears or Jets in the game, 36-0 Seattle is too much to take. I'd rather write a blog post about the Blooper Bowl.

Three turnovers that led to scores and a beginning the second half TD on the kickoff, well, Payton, you've had a great year but a terrible day.

But Bern bet on the Seahawks at the consignment shop and will get an extra 15% off her next purchase. We live off the consignment shop. I'm wearing a shirt and sweater she got for me there. Most of our gifts to children and grandchildren come from there. People come from miles around to the Cheshire Consignment Shop cause it's so good. Just beside the YMCA on South Main Street if your interested.

Maybe I'll go with her when she goes.....

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