Friday, February 28, 2014

my favorite photo

It's down to the right of our kitchen fireplace. It is a photo of my daughter, Mimi, taken, I think by her fiancee, Tim.

It is a photo of her face--or half of it anyway, the right half.

Her face is up, the way your face goes up when you are amused. She is smiling. You can see the right side of her face and she is smiling greatly and her right eye is closed. Her blonde/brown hair is shoulder length.

And what you see, on one side of her face, a a deep, two inch long, comma shaped dimple.

Mimi has dimples to die for and in this photo you see the right one in all it's glory.

My second cousin, Kim, pulled me aside when she was a child and Mimi was a teen and said to me, solemnly and with great concern, "Mimi has holes in her face!"

And she does. They are wondrous. They give me joy, as this photo of one of them does....

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