Sunday, February 16, 2014

The coughing people

Mimi is here--Chahoo, Chahay!

Mimi being here is a gift, a wonder, a joy.

She's here to buy a car because her new job requires one. She's the development officer for Jacob's Pillow and will have an apartment they're giving her in Stockbridge and she'll work in NYC much of the time.

Google Jacob's Pillow and watch the video there and you'll see how amazing they are and how lucky they are to find Mimi.

But since she's been here she's been coughing like Bern and I have for weeks. I'm blaming the cold air since any other blame would involve serious health issues.

But, even coughing, even having to go car shopping, even with all that, having Mimi here is so special that coughing is no problem.

Plus, she is the Puli's favorite person ever. Bela is besotted  that she's here, following her around, laying at her feet, full of the wonder that is Mimi.

And so are Bern and I. Having Mimi here is like it always is in our house on Cornwall Avenue, except better. Really, better.

That's my daughter, my princess, my love, who makes my perfect life even better than perfect.

Imagine that.

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