Saturday, February 15, 2014

the trouble with numbers

March 8 is the 5th anniversary of Under the Castor Oil Tree. That week I'm going to re-post the 7 most viewed posts ever (actually there are 8 because two tied as 7th most viewed). There is no rhyme nor reason  to those posts, all which have had well over a hundred views. I can't figure out why they are, by far, the most viewed. Who knows?

I'll also post the first post--March 8, 2009.

Here's my problem, I'm currently at 845 or so posts. Maybe it's 855. I'd like to get to 900, for reasons beyond my understanding, by March 8.

Numbers are troubling. I worry about and ponder numbers a lot.

What difference would it make if I re-posted the 7 least viewed posts instead of the 7 (8) most viewed? Why would it matter if I got to 900 posts by the end of the first week of March?

More often than seems rational, I see on the variety of digital clocks in our house "4:17". Once every three weeks I wake up for a while at 4:17 a.m. Often I'm in the kitchen, where there are a plethora of digital clocks on all sorts of appliances, including our coffee maker, at 4:17 p.m.

It's my birthday April 17. So I ponder why 4:17 shows up so often.

I'm going to stop now, before you start thinking I'm weird or number obsessed. (Which I probably am since I'm always counting the number of toilet tissues I use after....Well, on second thought, you really don't want to know about that....)

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