Tuesday, February 18, 2014

We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto!....Thank God!

I'm beginning to think we do live in two countries and should be allowed to relocate to the country of our choice in the next 5 years and then divide.

The problem is, the country I'd want to live in (and I don't need to move) would include New England, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia along with Minnesota, parts of Ohio, Michigan and then the West Coast and Hawaii.

The middle of this great country has gone collectively crazy.

The legislature in Kansas has passed a law that allows businesses, for 'religious reasons' not to serve gay couples. Well, that's stupid enough, but some folks, "for religious reasons" wouldn't want to serve Muslims or Jews or African Americans or uppity women.

One of the Dakotas--what does it matter which one except the northern one is now a gold rush (or oil rush) state and the other one isn't--is considering a law to make doctors who preform perfectly legal abortions subject to the death penalty.

The Midwest has nothing on the South, sad to say. Besides all the voter obstruction laws, a South Carolina bill would make the teaching of Evolution illegal. Don't know if they want the death penalty, but why not.

I simply don't understand the slippery slope back to a time and place where discrimination was commonplace and rejection of the Supreme Court and Science was ordinary.

I have a friend who blames all this rush to ultra-conservatism on Obama. A Black man in the White House, my friends theory goes, has reminded the lunatics that their 'kind' is an endangered species and the shift in our population to non-white, not men is inevitable and irreversible. How could all these 50+ white men go out and find enough women to impregnate to keep up with the fact that most of those under 18 in our country are black, brown or Asian.

And the irrational resistance to Immigration reform is a terrified reaction to the same Reality--America is going to have fewer and fewer white men every year.

Those frightened white men (with some white women joining them) are clicking their heels together as hard as they can and with irrational and ultimately counter-productive legislative moves, wanting to get out of OZ and back to Kansas.

It isn't going to happen. The handwriting is on the wall. The census numbers are facts--so is Science, by the way.

We're not in Kansas anymore, as a nation. And we're not going back.

I for one wish the realization of the new reality would come sooner rather than later....

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