Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow on the trees ii

Robert Frost thought 'good fences make good neighbors'.

My take is different: 'snow storms made good neighbors'.

Bern was shoveling out our sidewalks when the neighbor to the left of us asked if she needed help. She told him, "No, it's not pride, I just enjoy doing it...."

First of all, how nice of that of him since his sidewalks were under a foot of snow as well? Second of all, how smart was I to marry a woman who 'enjoys' shoveling snow?

Then our neighbor across the street brought over her snow blower to work on our driveway. She's about 22 or so and, as Bern told her, 'has a future in snow removal!'

Then the mom and teenage daughter from the house to our right--who share our huge driveway--brought brooms and shovels to clean off cars.

When I took the dog on a walk this afternoon, I spoke with 4 different folks in the neighborhood who were out blowing or shoveling snow. We seldom see each other since most of the people on our block leave in the a.m. to jobs all over--New Haven, Hartford, Meriden and Waterbury that I'm sure of. But a snow that shuts everything down the way this one did gets us all outside and talking to each other.

Besides all that--was my Dad ever right about snow staying on trees means more is coming!!!!

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