Sunday, February 9, 2014

Whine and cheese

OK, now I'm going to whine about the weather. I know I wrote not so many days ago about how we New England folks shouldn't complain about the weather. But at this point, over a week into below freezing weather with a shit load of snow every where, I'm ready to speak out.

The snow has stuck around so long during below freezing but sunny days, that the sun, by virtue of being a star throwing off heat beyond imagining, has melted a bit of snow by it's own will each day which then freezes again and makes everything slicker.

Our walkways, dutifully shoveled down to as far as we could, are now like luge tracks and we take our lives in our hands just to leave the house. And driveways everywhere are now covered by 1/12 inch of ice and treacherous as all get out.

I was just out on the back porch and it is snowing at 8:06 pm on Sunday, February 9. With any luck, there will be a couple of inches of snow on top of the ice and make walking easier.

But when you look at the 10 day forecast and see the day temperature doesn't get above 34 or so and at night it goes down to 20 or single digits, the apocalypse can't be far away.

(But I have some fine Stilton and some creamy Bree to eat on rice crackers, so the End doesn't seem quite so near.....)

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