Thursday, February 20, 2014

Reclaiming the deck

Today's warmth caused most of the ice cycles to fall from our roof, but not all. Some huge one's still remain over the front porch.

But we reclaimed the deck.

Bern had hear on TV of a deck collapsing from the weight of snow and ice. So she move foot after foot of snow. There's still lots of snow on the deck but I don't think it will be falling down any time soon.

Small victories in the midst of a harsh winter are 'major' in some way.

We got the deck back today and I heard water in the drains, running downwards and not froze in the gutters for the first time for weeks.

Small victories matter in a winter like this.

They really do.

Wood visible on the deck, the sound of water in a drain. How can Spring be so far away?

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