Sunday, June 14, 2015

All the 'double noughts"

Did I spell 'noughts' correctly? Apparently so, since there is a red line under it from spell-check. But spell-check refuses to give me options.

Hark! I paragraphed and the red line went away. So, maybe 'noughts' is right (another red line, let me paragraph....

Gone again.

Anyway, what I plan to do tomorrow is post all the posts of the 1300 (this post, by the way, is #1300 of an enterprise I was talked into and dragged into kicking and screaming by several members of St. John's on the Green (Episcopal) in Waterbury, Connecticut. I didn't want to do it and imagined if I did 50 or so over a couple of years they'd leave me alone and I could stop.

I'm truly amazed that I've done 1300 posts! Way beyond my normal attention span.

Here's how I've done it--I've written to myself....which I've always done. I have three novels and a memoir that I've never tried to get published because 'writing to myself' is what matters to me. I'm a big time Extrovert, so I seldom know what I think about stuff until I write it down and read it. Writing to myself is how I discover what's going on in my brain.

(Actually, I lied--I'm not a 'big time extrovert": my Meyers/Briggs--or Briggs/Meyers, whichever it is--shows me as only slightly extroverted. On all the other scales, I'm pretty much off the scale....I am extremely Intuitive, remarkable Feeling, and astonishingly Perceptive. But I've lived a life that has called out my 'slightly' extroverted side...being a priest in the Episcopal that side of my 'slightly' side has been called into duty for 30+ years. I have always be happily 'slightly less' Introverted and, as an only child, perfectly happy to be alone and do introverted things. Like, I average reading 5 books a week...260 books a year--and I post blogs, and I play entirely too much Internet Hearts {over 10,000 games so far!) so my 'introverted self' is appropriately involved.)

I know lots of Extroverts and a few less Introverts and the interesting thing is that being, as I am, only marginally one over the other, I have none of the down sides of either. My wife and my daughter are Introverts and my son is more an Extravert than me. Bern and Mimi suffer from exhaustion with too much contact with people. Josh 'needs' people to have energy. I'm happy either way--surrounded by crowds/all alone for hours.

Talk to me about how exaggerated my Intuitive/Feeling/Perceptive sides make me a wreck from time to time. That's a whole different story.

Anyway, look for the 'noughts' tomorrow.

(Paragraphed and the red line went away.....)

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