Thursday, June 11, 2015

Dry Cleaner rant

So, I take two sport coats--one blue and one khaki--to the dry cleaner.

The young woman there--a new employee--says the blue blazer is a 'sport coat' but the khaki one is a 'coat'. When I get to my car I see the charge for the blue blazer is $8 and for the khaki blazer is $18.50. So, I go back in and show her how both garments are the same--in fact the khaki blazer has no lining and the blue blazer does.

So, she tries another category and it turns our the khaki sport coat will cost $16.50 to clean.

I tell her it's not $16.50 dirty and take it back.

When I go on Saturday to pick up the blue coat, I'll take the khaki one with me and try again.

They are the same jacket, something you wear with jeans or pants with pleats and a shirt. Yet one is twice as much to clean. Go figure that, if you can.

She was new and 'just following what she was told'.

Isn't that the problem--following what we're told instead of thinking for ourselves?

Two identical kind of outer wear. What's the issue here?

Something to ponder--thinking for ourselves as opposed to 'following the rules'.

Could make a huge difference in how life shows up for us.

A huge difference.

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