Saturday, June 13, 2015

Latvia, for goodness sake!

From time to time I like to look at the blog's statistics. Ego thing, I guess.

Like there were 293 views yesterday for reasons I can't imagine. Sixty is a pretty good day--so what caused 233 more people to view "Under the Castor Oil Tree" than normal?

I can also tell which countries the viewers came from.

The greatest majority or, of course from the US. But there are a dozen countries on the list. There have been nearly 500 views from Latvia, for goodness sake! It's near the bottom of the list, just above Poland....

So, who are these people? Why are they reading my blog? What's up with that?

I'm asking anyone from Latvia or Poland who reads this to email me and introduce themselves. I'd be fascinated to meet them. Or anyone who wants to email--almost nobody leaves comments except my friends Mike Miano and Rowena Kemp--feel free. I'd like feed back from time to time.

I mean, writing a blog is like writing on smoke. I don't understand any of the technology that makes it work that people can view it and I seldom have 'comments'.

So, People of Latvia, write to me.

(People give me grief for still using aol--but it works and I don't  have to understand something different. I'll be one of the old farts who use aol their whole lives! And I apologize for the cheesy address: "padre" and my initials...but it seemed cute at the time, years ago, and I'd have no idea whatsoever how to change it and let people know. Luddite to the end....)

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