Monday, June 15, 2015

OK, I give up

I can't even explain to you why it is hard to find the double noughts of posts. And it is hard for me being intuitive rather than rational. So, for now, I'm stopping doing that and instead am sending you posts I want to to celebrate 1300 of them.

This one is weird. It is a nothing, a mistake. Yet it would be in the top 50 of most viewed posts. Go figure.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

untitled post

This post is not only untitled, it doesn't exist, until now of course.

I hit a wrong button and posted a blank but when I saw the title 'untitled post' I saw a chance to edit it and make it a post...if an unintended one...

and, still untitled....

(And here's what's stranger still, When I posted the next post, I realized this post was still in DRAFT FORM. The damn thing doesn't want to be published and yet people read it.....go figure again. And ponder that.)

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