Friday, June 19, 2015

Home again....

Just got back from helping lead a Making a Difference Workshop at Holy Cross Monastery up by the Hudson in West Park, New York.

I forgot my laptop and couldn't blog--and wouldn't have had time anyway. The workshop is hilarious and fun, but intense and hard work--just the way the best parts of life are.

I'll surely write about it later--but right now it's too close. It was in the top 10 of all the workshops I've helped lead in terms of level of outcome for the participants--which is all that matters, after all.

While there I got to spend time with my friend and mentor, Ann, who has read much of the manuscript I've been working on since I retired about my memories of priesthood. She is an editor and has given me good guidance. (Notice how 'dance' is in 'guidance'? That's what encouragement and critique should be...a dance.)

On the way taking her to the train station in Pougkippsee  (which is surely misspelled but spell-check is no help--pickups, eggcups, packages and Peckinpah's were the suggestions I got! ) we talked a little about the manuscript. She suggested I publish in my blog first to see what shows up, for me and you guys, the readers, before getting too frantic about finishing it.

It's hard to finish since my 'memories of priesthood' are legion and continue to accumulate, so I'm going to take her advice. Taking Ann's advice has a higher rate of success than most anyone I would deign to 'take advice' from.

So, I'll start tomorrow...and maybe be ready to talk about the workshop a bit....

It was great.

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