Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Logging off

I decided today that at least one day a week from now on, I won't use any tech device. I only have two, unlike most people, my computer and cell phone. On Tuesdays, from now on, I won't turn either on. That means I can't post to this blog on Tuesdays in the future. But I'll try to make up by doubling up on Monday or Wednesday.

This is my rebellion against what has come to annoy me much--smart phones in peoples hands.

I noticed 14 (once I started counting) people talking on their phones or flipping through them in the grocery store today. Go to the grocery store and shop, for goodness sake! You can catch up on whatever you're catching up on once your home.

I'm bemoaned before the people walking on the old C&O Canal on their phones. Dogs and children and the beauty of nature ignored, concentrating on a device in their hand!

Luddites, unite! I say.

We're flying to the beach this September. Bern and I usually bring 10 or 12 books and won't be able to. She's thinking of getting a Kendal, or whatever else there is. I decided that since I've never been in a Beach House that had no books, I'd take my chances and read what's there.

There was an Atlantic Monthly Cover in the last year that showed two very attractive people, scantily dressed, almost embracing each other except that both were looking over the others' shoulder at the smart phone in their hand. The name of that cover story was 'The end of Intimacy'.

I don't think that's far off.

If I get really into this I might just add a day every month or so that the only way you could contact me was by calling my home phone--on the wall in the kitchen, writing me a letter and mailing it or dropping by. (Though I don't recommend the last one since our dog hates strangers knocking at the door.)

I'm one of those folks who don't mind if the NSA is gathering my data--boring!--but I do resent how we are given so many options to face to face encounters.

I read a book by Susan Smart yesterday (I think that's her name) set in 1973. No one had a cell phone. To get in touch with someone you needed a land line or a car.

Those were the days, my friends....I really believe that.

(As I said: "Luddites, Unite!!!")

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