Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Can you know each other 'too well'?

Monday, I bought an organic catalope. Tuesday, not checking the fruit bin in the refrigerator, Bern bought one too.

Wednesday, I bought Saran Wrap, which I knew we needed, only to open the 'wrap drawer' to find she'd done it the day before.

We do stuff like that all the time. We know what the other is thinking but don't really 'know that we know', so we duplicate each other.

We have great conversations, but the 'real' conversations we have are wordless.

Just like that.

I've know her since I was 17 and she was 14. Imagine that! 51 years is how long and you can do the math but I'll tell you--about 70 percent of my life and 78+ percent of her life.

Amazing! 7 or 8 of every 10 days we've lived, Bern and I have known each other, dated, been married, been in love.

Hard to imagine such a thing, really.

No wonder we 'think' alike and duplicate each other.

I can't really imagine a life wherein I haven't spent nearly 80% of my days knowing Bern. We've been married, come September 5, 45 years. That's over 60% of my life--Monday morning through sometime in the evening on Thursday of every day of my life, I've been married to her.


Cantalope and Saranwrap aren't the half of it...not even a beginning.

I can't imagine what life would have been like without Bern.

I really can't.

And I'm glad I can't. Really.

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