Friday, June 5, 2015

Just a lovely day

Cloudy is no problem for me, means I can sit on my deck all day and read.

I read a book today and started another. On sunny days there are a few hours the deck is not available and I have to sit on the porch, chairs not as comfortable.

There seem to be more birds than usual. Some robin babies in a tree in our yard--a bush, mostly. But you can't get near them because the dad and mom dive bomb you. Tiger parents can be robins.

And the temperature couldn't be better. In the 50's tonight as for most nights this week. No AC in our lives yet.

What a lovely June day. Couldn't be better, I don't think.


Like my life--reading almost constantly, eating well, three creatures and a wife I love. What could be wrong about that???

Plus, two more clowns for the car: Lincoln  Chaffee for the Democrats (once a Republican, then an Independent and now, finally, a Democrat--a guy who can't make up his mind) and (as John Steward said on the Daily Show, our prayers are answered, Rick Perry is in the mix.

I'm serious, usually I look forward to the World Series, the college football and basketball schedule, the newest movie and Game of Thrones, but now, for almost a year and a half there is going to be the drama, comedy and insanity of the lead up to the next Presidential election.

In his announcement, Lincoln Chaffee said we should join the world and accept the metric system.

Going to win on that platform, Lincoln?

Rick Perry promised not to have any 'uh-oh' moments this time. Good luck with that, my Texan friend.

Things are going to be great, between the weather and the politics, for quite a while....

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