Sunday, January 3, 2016

Epiphany is coming!!!

I love the Feast of the Epiphany--those strange Magi from Persia, the Star they followed for two years, the confusion and conflict with Herod, their going home 'by a different way' to avoid Herod.

There is a dictionary definition of "epiphany" that I committed to memory decades ago. It goes like this: 'an epiphany is a sudden, intuitive understanding of the deep down meaning of things, usually caused by what is ordinary, simple and commonplace.'

Isn't that remarkable?

To have a sudden, intuitive understanding of anything would be good enough. But that that knowledge is 'of the deep down meaning of things' raises the bar a great deal. And that what provokes and epiphany is what is 'ordinary, simple and commonplace' seals the deal.

Keep your eyes wide open all the time--your ears and touch and smell as well. And your mind and imagination as well.

I believe there are 'epiphanies' all around us--in all the ordinary and simple and commonplace events and moments of life.

Don't miss the chance of sudden and intuitive knowledge of the deep down, deep down, deep down meaning of anything.

Epiphany isn't just a Christian Feast--it is the opportunity of every moment of life.

Epiphanies are all around us, if we are simply open to discovering them.

May this new year bring you a dozen epiphanies every day...and lots of ordinary, simple, commonplace moments.

Happy Epiphany Year!

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